Corporate Events

Picture this. Where your corporate event meets our inspiration

We specialise in crafting events that resonate with your corporate identity while ensuring a harmonious blend of business and pleasure

Corporate Events
& Updates

Celebrating milestones and looking to the future

From sophisticated gala dinners to business updates, our approach ensures every aspect is finely tuned – creating magnificent testimonials of your year-long journey, achievements, and forward vision. We make memorable evenings where the spotlight shines on your successes, milestones, and the promising road ahead..

Our comprehensive service promises logistical excellence, ensuring that every aspect, from venue selection to the evening’s itinerary, unfolds with finesse, encapsulating the spirit of celebration and corporate identity.


Our meticulous planning, creative insights, and impeccable execution promise a corporate event that surpasses expectations

Away Days

Inspiring innovation.
Building team spirit

Ford Parsons invites you to redefine team building with bespoke away days that nurture creativity, innovation, and collective success. Designed to break the monotony, our packages are the perfect amalgamation of leisure, learning, and motivational activities, creating environments where teams flourish and ideas blossom.
From exciting team challenges to luxurious retreats, our away days are finely curated to rejuvenate the mind, stimulate new thoughts, and strengthen team bonds, driving your organisation towards success.



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