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Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of international sports events, concerts, or other exciting experiences where tickets are often extremely hard to come by with our exquisite service. For the true VIP experience, we offer exceptional packages that bring you closer to the action.

Our executive tailored packages are the canvas upon which your desires are painted. Whether it’s a sought-after event or a custom adventure, each experience is crafted to echo your preferences, encapsulating personalised details that contribute to the exquisite uniqueness of your journey.


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Golf Experiences

Tee off in style

As golf professionals ourselves, our passion is to bring your dream golfing experience to life on the world’s most exceptional courses. We can craft itineraries that offer not only the challenge and beauty of prestigious green, but also weave in unique moments that you’ll never forget. 

Walk the most iconic greens surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Each moment, from the first tee-off to the evening’s relaxation, is steeped in sophistication and tailored to meet the desires of the discerning golf enthusiast.



FP Golf

We have a range of the best golfing events and activites to make your next corporate or social event a winner